First you audit, then you grow

In order to make it to the top of search engine results, your website has to be optimized for SEO. (Word to the wise: sending Sergey Brin fruit baskets does not work…we tried.)

And despite how exciting it sounds, analyzing and optimizing websites can be confusing, which is why most of us are forking over big bucks to SEO experts.

Well, that all ends today, thanks to WebSite Auditor.

WebSite Auditor helps your website improve and climb the SEO charts by providing in-depth on-page analysis and optimization.

Lifetime Access to Website Auditor

WebSite Auditor opens your kimono and audits everything – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, you name it!

Just follow the robots.txt instructions and you’ll be able to crawl your site exactly like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Lifetime Access to Website Auditor

Whether it’s a broken link, poor mobile usability, or duplicate content, WebSite Auditor uncovers every issue that can affect search engine indexation, rankings, and user experience.

And to take it one step further, WebSite Auditor will also let you know which pages need work and even gives you step-by-step instructions on how to fix issues!

Start auditing and optimizing your website now!

You’ll also have the power to measure optimization rates for any page or any keyword of top-ranking competitors. (Go ahead, reverse-engineer your competitors’ strategies!)

Lifetime Access to Website Auditor

Ordinarily, if you were looking to purchase a WebSite Auditor Enterprise license, you’d have to pay $300 – plus after 6 months, you’d have to pay a monthly maintenance fee of $29.95.

But, through this incredible deal, Sumo-lings can get lifetime access to an Enterprise license for just $39!

On top of all the audits you’ll be able to run, you can also:

  • Gain unlimited access to WebSite Auditor training materials
  • Optimize an unlimited number of websites
  • Make your reports available online
  • Email on-page optimization reports to clients
  • Create on-page optimization HTML reports
  • Save reports to your computer

Excited so far? Here’s what else WebSite Auditor has on their roadmap:

  • Interactive graphical maps of your site to let you spot and record internal linking issues, pages with low internal PageRank, and isolated site areas so you can better interlink your pages for users and search engines. (Coming December 2017)

Lifetime Access to Website Auditor

  • In-depth analysis of international websites so your small businesses can be global. WebSite Auditor will let you easily spot hreflang and redirect errors to make sure visitors always land on the right version of your pages. (Coming 2018)
  • Site audit trends, comparison, and history so you can compare audits and on-site metrics over time to determine which ones were most effective and track your site’s health. (Coming 2018)

Not only that but any and all bug fixes and future feature improvements are yours free of charge (making this deal twice as valuable!)

Start auditing and optimizing your website now!

Lifetime Access to Website Auditor

Lifetime Access to Website Auditor

When it comes to actually editing content, you can use WebSite Auditor’s